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There’s lots for parents and carers to know when it comes to bringing up healthy children. The Derbyshire Healthy Family service is here to give you all the support and information that you need to give your child a healthy start in life.

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

What's a healthy diet when I'm pregnant?

Planning to get pregnant or finding out that you are pregnant is the beginning of thinking about how you will feed yourself and feed the child growing inside you.

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What are the health benefits for mothers and babies when breastfeeding?

Planning to breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful decision for the long term health, development and growth of your child.

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Formula Feeding

Do you want advice about formula feeding?

Following instructions and maintaining acceptable standards of hygiene are high priorities when preparing feeds to be given from a bottle.

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Introducing Foods

How do I get started with weaning?

When your child is six months of age it is time to introduce complementary foods.

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Oral Health Promotion

How should I care for my child's teeth?

Looking after your child's teeth involves ensuring that they develop routines around brushing their teeth and that they have healthy eating habits that prevent the damage caused by tooth decay.

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The HENRY Programme

What is the HENRY Programme?

HENRY is an eight week programme for parents of infants and toddlers aged 0 to 5 years.

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Volunteer Opportunities

What's the role of a Breastfeeding Volunteer?

The Volunteers in Derbyshire are all managed by the Breastfeeding Network who train supervise and support their development and the development of breastfeeding groups.

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Websites, apps and local services

Useful links

Useful links to various helpful NHS websites.

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Supporting information for healthcare professionals

Are you a healthcare professional working in Derbyshire?

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