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Baby's poo

At the beginning, your baby will pass a black tar-like stool (poo) called meconium. By day three, this should be changing to a lighter, runnier, greenish stool that is easier to clean up. From day four and for the first few weeks, your baby should pass at least two yellow stools every day. These stools should be at least the size of a £2 coin. Remember, it’s normal for breastfed babies to pass loose stools.

Is baby ready for solid foods?

Breastmilk is all most babies needs for the first 6 months. And it’s still an important part of baby’s nutrition for at least the first year. There’s no reason why drinks other than breastmilk should be needed if baby still wants breastfeeding, and it should provide all the fluid they need.

When should you introduce solid foods?

  • When baby is around 6 months old (if you had a full term pregnancy).
  • When baby is able to sit unsupported.
  • When baby is reaching, grabbing and mouthing.

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Download a handy booklet on introducing solid food.

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