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Solving concerns

Solving common breastfeeding problems

Most breastfeeding problems are linked to the way your baby attaches their mouth to your breast, including things like painful breastfeeding, sore or cracked nipples and swelling. It's can also usually the cause of problems like prolonged feeding, poor weight gain or overly frequent feeding.

Signs that baby isn’t attaching their mouth to your nipple properly

  • You can see baby’s bottom lip just under the base of the nipple.
  • Discomfort or pain.
  • Baby’s mouth not opening very wide.
  • Cheeks sucking in with each jaw movement.
  • Baby appears not to have sufficient breast in their mouth.
  • A space between the chin and breast.
  • Baby constantly sliding off the breast.
  • Rapid sucking with not many swallows.
  • Noisy feeding (usually clicking noises).
  • Your nipple misshapen when baby releases your breast.

How do I know that my baby is feeding well?

  • Your baby has a large mouthful of breast
  • Your baby’s chin is firmly touching your breast
  • It doesn’t hurt you to feed (although the first few sucks may feel strong)
  • If you can see the dark skin around your nipple, you should see more dark skin above your baby’s top lip than below their bottom lip.
  • Your baby’s cheeks stay rounded during sucking.
  • Your baby rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows (it’s normal for your baby to pause from time to time).
  • Your baby finishes the feed and comes off the breast on their own.

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