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Your Breastfeeding Family

Who's in your breastfeeding family?

Making sure you have all the support you need can be crucial in making breastfeeding work for you. So don't be afraid to ask family and friends for help.

Your partner's role

  • Knowing what you need and who to turn to for help and advice
  • Offering moral support
  • Going to breastfeeding support groups with you
  • Being there at important times like first feeds and when the Health Visitor comes for the 10-day check up
  • Changing nappies, changing nappies and changing more nappies!
  • Making toast for the 4am feed if mum is feeling peckish
  • Giving baby their night-time bath

Your parents' role

  • Providing emotional support and being positive, even if they did things differently when they had kids
  • Understanding why breastfeeding is important, even if they bottle-fed their kids
  • Spending time with any older grandchildren and making sure they feel special
  • Helping out around the house
  • Making cups of tea

Your best friend's role

  • Being there when you need to get things off your chest
  • Making sure you still have a social life
  • Planning baby-friendly days out
  • Finding public places where you're happy to breastfeed
  • Keeping you up to date with the latest gossip!

Your Health Visitor's Role

  • Helping your baby avoid illnesses and stay healthy
  • Talking to you about breastfeeding, general baby feeding or anything about your baby's behaviour that you're concerned about
  • Giving you advice if you're feeling anxious or depressed
  • Suggesting places to find help or get in touch with groups where you can meet other parents

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